Holds hairstyles in place while blending your
natural hair and faux hair.
  • A superior hold that lends body, volume,
    and sheen.
  • Moisturizes and conditions natural and
    faux hair.
  • Assists in lending a more natural look.
Regular and Super Strengths.

Available in 250ml jars.

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Molding & Sculpting: Apply get to clean, damp hair. Mold, slick, or sculpt hair in desired style/direction with comb or brush. Smooth hair with back of comb or fingertips, making sure to remove any excess product from hair. Dry under hooded dryer or naturally. You can also sculpt or mold dry hair for touching up existing styles or creating a ponytail or bun look.

Edge Control: Apply a small amount of NexSheen Arganics™ IWIGI ne WEAVE Blending Gel to areas to short to roll or areas that you want to lay flat. Smooth
and let dry.