Promotes growth of your natural hair while braided or in
dreadlocks or twists.
  • Enriched with proteins, conditioners, moisturizers & exotic oils.
  • Keeps natural hair in excellent condition.
  • Adds sheen to braids and promotes moisture balance.
  • Helps to eliminate dandruff and reduce itchy scalp.
  • Protects your natural hair from the sun's harmful rays.

Available in 275ml aerosol sprays.

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Shake well before spraying. Close and cover eyes. Hold can 10 to 12 inches
(23 to 30 cm) away from head and evenly spray braids. For itchy scalp and tight braids, spray directly onto the scalp for instant relief. Use daily to help strengthen and protect natural hair. NexSheen Arganics™ Braid Sheen Spray is excellent on dreadlocks and other natural styles and is great for the entire family!